Some cutest scalloped dresses in Babeeni’s Scallop collection

If you are considering what to buy for your little girl in the upcoming party, scalloped dress will be a great suggestion for you to take care. I strongly believe that your angel will look so beautiful while wearing a scalloped dress. In this post, I want to introduce some cutest scalloped dresses for you to buy for your children. Let’s look at the following dresses and you will understand why I say that scalloped dress is a great idea.

First of all, did you know what is scalloped dress ? Don’t worry if you don’t know. Nothing is too difficult to understand here. Scalloped dresses mean that dresses with scalloped patterns on the body, you can see it around the collar, on the bodice, at the hemline or at the wrist. Inspired by the sea, scallop pattern shaped likely waves with continually half-circles. Scalloped patterns make dresses softer and decrease the rigidity of material. One more reason for you to choose scalloped dress for your girl that summer vacation is approaching, and almost families will get beach trip for their families, so scalloped dress totally matches for children’s beach clothing.

In Babeeni’s scallop clothing collection, we have merged many styles in design to make beautiful scalloped dresses such as applique scalloped dress, smocked scalloped dress, or scallop bubble. These models are totally suitable for events as party, picnic or travelling, so you don’t need to care much about how to dress up for your girl.

Let’s look at the following cutest dresses in our collection :

Scallop dress DR 2273


One mergence between applique and scalloped pattern. Lovely model with red apple appliqued pattern on the bodice, scallop collar and at the hemline, short sleeves.

Scallop dress DR 2268


Beautiful dress for little girls with scalloped pattern on the body, angled sleeves, and ribbons at the back for easy putting on and off.

Next, there is a cute short scallop set for little girls. This model will keep your children cool in summer.

Short scallop set Model DR 2265


Highlighted points in DR 2265 are scalloped pattern around the collar, and ruffle at the hemline. As you can see, many models in scallop collection bring up pink color in design, but enough colors for you to choose as example model DR 2269 below :


Beautiful dress for little girls with nice geometric hand smocked on the bodice, scalloped at both collar, wrist, and hem, short sleeves.

In conclusion, I have just introduced some cutest scalloped dresses in Scallop clothing collection, there are many options for you feel free to choose. If you want more, please visit our website at here to see more designs, wholesale price and lots more. See you in the next article.

Thanks for reading!

Thomas from Babeeni team


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